Monday, April 21, 2014

Mung Lau Dalma & Channa Chadchadi - Orissa/Odisha Special

Orissa/Odisha is a state located on the South east coast of India, their cuisine known as Oriya cuisine.Most of the dishes from thos cuisine tastes delicious coz of their characteristic taste and flavor. This delicious and simple cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of the neighboring states of Bihar and West Bengal. People of Orissa are a happy union of both vegetarians and non vegetarians but non vegetarian foods is usually avoiced during the religious ceremonies, Mustard oil is used in everyday cooking and ghee is used during special days. Rice is the staple food of this state and wheat is the second popular crop, vegetables like brinjal, pumpkin,gourd are usually cooked. A traditional Oriya meal is served on large thali and other dishes are served in small bowls and placed around the large plate.A typical Oriya meal includes the intake of Saaga (green leaf-based dish), Bhaji (fried vegetable dish), Bhaat (rice), Dal (pulse), Besara or Mahura (curry tempered with spices), Machha tarkari (fish curry) and Khatta (chutney). Channa Dali is a preferred dish of the Oriyas which is a sweetened pulse dish tempered with coconuts, raisins, dry fruits and spices. Dalma is another favorite item of the Oriyas as the dish is a mixture of lentils and a number of vegetables and that make it a very nutritional dish. During the summer months the people of Orissa enjoy Pakhala (fermented rice seasoned with yoghurt and spices). Mitha Bhaat (sweetened rice tempered with a number of spices) is also a popular dish. People are also fond of Polao (rice cooked with butter, nuts, raisins, vegetables and spices).

No Oriya meal is complete without chutneys, so variety of chutneys are cooked and needless to say Oriya cuisine have a list of sweets especially milk based sweets.Pitha is a local name of cakes which are prepared with traditional methos. Tea and coffee are the popular beverages and Bel Pana is the drink made with milk, a pulp of wood apple, sweetened with sugar and flavoured with black  pepper. Fresh Fruit like wood apple,mangoes,jackfruits,watermelons, bananas are eaten by the people in Orissa. I cooked the famous dalma with yellow moongdal and bottlegourd along with channa chadchadi a stir fry with black chickpeas.Both makes a prefect meal and we had our lunch with these fingerlicking foods. Dalma and channa chadchadi are very quick and simple comforting foods which gets ready easily.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rendez Vous With A Foodie - Joanne Ferguson of What's On The List

Twice a month am introducing newbie bloggers to this immense blogging virtual world, just to showcase their blogs with their guest posts they prepred specially for me and i named the event as Rendez vous with a foodie. Many new fellow bloggers came towards me to join this event and shared their fabulous dishes since ever i started this event. Happy that this event is going successfully since a year. I came to know more about my guest hosts through their replies they shared for my questions along with their guestposts. Each and every posts of my guest hosts are unique in their own way.

Blogging,this immense virtual world is definitely very close to my heart, i gained a bunch of good friends, well wishers and many blogger sisters. My today's guest is also one among them and she was a wonderful person who blogs at What's On The List. I happened to met her during a Food challenge and she was super kind enough to join me for making a guest post.She lives in Australia, am honoured to introduce Joanne Ferguson through my event.Am happy to say that i have an Australian blogger friend, obviously i have to say a big thanks to this beautiful bloggy world.

Dal Egg Curry - Nagaland Special

Nagaland belongs to the Northeastern part of India, this state is covered by mountains which gives a unique beauty to this land. Nagaland is a land of culture and cuisine, the various tribes in this state have their unique dishes and the cuisine differes from the other tribes. A typical Naga meal have rice with a meat dish, a couple of boiled vegetable and definitely a chutney.The important characteristic of this cuisine is the dishes are cooked by boiling the ingredients and they avoid mostly frying. The Nagas are Non vegetarian lovers, obviously their cuisine have unique taste as they cook their foods with local ingredients which are sometime hard to find out of this state. Pork meat is very popular in this cuisine, this meat cooked with bamboo shoots is the popular dish of this cuisine. Chillies and ginger are the most important ingredients used in this cuisine and obviously local herbs and leaves are used as well.Fermenting food is famous in the cuisine of Nagaland just to preserve their food, the food items are first boiled and then dried under the sun or near the fire. Then later wrapped in banana leaf and stored for future use.

Tribes of Naga eat many animals and insects, yes they eat dog meat and wild animals they are considered as delicacy in Nagaland.Many unique believes and methods of preparing and having food have made the cuisine of Nagaland one of most unique cuisines of India which has till now retained and remained largely unaffected by the modernization of the food culture in the country.Obviously we had hard time to get a vegetarian dish from this cuisine, finally i ended my search of chosing a vegetarian dishes from this state stopped with this Dal Egg curry. Dunno whether these dishes are eaten there since we dont have any source of Nagaland dishes we started sticking to the recipe sources we got through the web.Coming to this dal egg curry, we enjoyed thoroughly with rice and pickles, a different dal curry and we loved it.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Koat Pitha - Mizoram Special

Mizoram is one among the Northeastern state of India. Mizoram have a distinct food culture and its quite different from other cuisines of India. Traces of Chinese food culture and north Indian style of cuisine find its presence in Mizo food culture.Non Vegetrian delicacies are most popular of the Mizo cuisine eventhough vegetables are quite eaten by the local population but non vegetarian item is a must in their meal. Rice is their staple food served with both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Bamboo shoots and local herbs are the vital ingredients of their cuisine. Mizo cuisine is basically simple, with less pices in nature this cuisine tastes delicious.They cook their foods with either boiling and steaming, the common spices used are ginger, garlic,onions and chillies. Mizo people dont have dessert after having their meals, instead of that they prefer having fresh fruits after their meals. Zu or tea is the popular beverage, locally made wines are relished by natives and thee Lubrusca grape wine is  very popular.

Among the popular items are Bai, a combination dish of boiled spinach, pork and bamboo shoots is prominent. Sawchair is another well-liked dish prepared from rice and pork or chicken. Vawksa Rep or Smoked Pork is enjoyed by the people very much. It is a dish made from cubes of pork smoked in an open fire to lend it a unique smoky taste and flavored with bamboo shoots and local herbs. Arsa Buhchiar or Chicken with sticky rice is a common dish where a whole chicken is roasted in open fire and then cooked with a combination of sticky rice and local herbs. Misa Mach Poora is a shrimp delicacy popular in the state. Panch Phoron Tarkari is a delightful item to taste. Poora Mach and Koat Pitha are also famous dishes of the Mizo cuisine.I chosed to prepare Koat pitha, a deep fried banana cake which goes for easy ingredients and quick preparation.You can enjoy this deep fried cake with a cup of tea for your evening snacks, these koat pithas are seriously very addictive and even my kids loved it very much.