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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kasuri Methi & Avarekalu Pulao/Hyacinth Beans & Dry Fenugreek Leaves Pulav~~My 3000th post

Am so happy to say that this post mark a milestone, yes my today's post is 3000th post. This is not possible without all your encouraging words and your huge support. Thanks to each and everyone for being a part of my virtual culinary journey.Thanking you all from my bottom of my heart for pulling me to keep my blog alive during many crucial moments i have faced during all these years of blogging.

How about having this flavorsome kasuri methi and hyacinth beans pulao for your lunch or for dinner?. I love one pot meal very much, i dont forget to make them quite often. I got a packet of frozen green hyacinth beans from Indian grocery recently. Since i want to make a pulao with those frozen hyacinth beans i couldnt resist myself to make this Kasuri methi Avarekalu pulao.This one pot meal smells absolutely fabulous coz of the spice masala paste and obviously coz of the aromatic dry fenugreek leaves aka kasuri methi.This pulao makes an excellent Sunday special meal when served along with hard boiled eggs and onion raita.

Methi,Avarekalu pulao,Hyacinth Beans & Dry fenugreek leaves pulav

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Methi, Aloo Pocket Parathas/Fenugreek Leaves, Potato Pocket Parathas

If you want to make a different parathas from the usual one, then take a look at this pocket parathas. This parathas are quite easier to make and i stuffed them with a simple potato and fenugreek leaves masala. This pocket parathas makes an excellent breakfast,lunch and dinner as well. You doesnt even need any side dish to have this parathas as they are sufficiently stuffed with aloo,methi masala. Quite a different one from the usual stuffed parathas rite. I enjoyed making this pocket parathas and kids enjoyed thoroughly eventhough chopped fenugreek leaves are added in the stuffing.

Methi Aloo Pocket parathas

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kasuri Methi, Rajma & Aloo Sabji/ Dried Fenugreek Leaves,Kidney Beans & Potato Curry

A delicious curry is quite enough to enjoy along with rotis or mildly flavoured pulaos. Its always difficult to satisfy everyone's tastebuds at home when its comes for side dish especially to serve along with  rotis. Kids loves protein rich beans and Hubby like potatoes,obviously if am planning to make a side dish either i combine both beans and potatoes or else i will just stick with potatoes. My daughter's favourite bean after chickpeas is Rajma aka kidney beans. She just love this beans in anything, one of my recent trial with my family's favourite vegetable and rajma is this Sabji aka curry. This time i simply dished out this wonderful looking curry with potatoes, dried fenugreek leaves and rajma beans.

Methi, Rajma & Aloo Curry

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cheese, Butternut Squash Soup

Soup is most of our dinner while the weather is either chilled or rainy, obviously i often make them as they are easy to dish out. As i told earlier, cheese have their important place in our daily menu. Cheese is rich in calcium and its a good for kids. Obviously its advised to feed kids quite often with cheese. My kids love laughing cow cheese in their soup, the addition of cheese gives an excellent smoothy and creamy texture to this simple soup. Actually i want to name this soup as Velouté as this soup came out extremely silky and creamy.

Cheese, butternut squash soup