Priya's Versatile Recipes

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vegan Barley Moongdal Rasam

My space shares varieties of rasams and you can find different and unique rasams here. To that incredible collection of rasams, am adding one more rasam which may become your regular dish to enjoy with some hot steaming rice. Barley is an incredible wholegrain and we can make super nutritious dishes out this grain, but some how South Indians makes dishes out this barley very rarely. Actually i get barley easily in chinese stores, hence i do add quite often in our diet. I have already tried many South Indian breakfast dishes with barley and for a change i tried my hands with barley for making this lip smacking rasam.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Urad Dal Roti/Stuffed Urad Dal Paratha

If you are searching for a new roti or paratha stuffed with something nutritious, am sure this dish will definitely gives you some idea. Yes this paratha aka roti is made with usual paratha dough but the stuffing i prepared for making these parathas was quite a different one from the usual stuffing. I stuffed this parathas with spicy urad dal filling. This paratha came out absolutely fabulous and the interesting part is these parathas are nutritious and filling at the same time. A different paratha from the usual parathas, am sure if you give a try to this paratha, you will surely make this paratha often. Since i prepared a spicy urad dal filling, you doesnt even need to serve this parathas with a side dish.

Dehusked black gram roti, urad dal roti

Friday, July 3, 2015

Yellow Moongdal & Rice Flakes Laddoo/Paasiparuppu Aval Laddoo

Quick and easy laddoos, they have their own place in my Diwali sweets. Most of the time during Indian festivals, we dont have that much time to prepare sweets and savouries, obviously i'll always stick with quick dal based laddoos. They are damn easy to make and need less ingredients when compared to the boondi laddoos we usually makein big batches. My all time favourite laddoo is one of the famous Andhra special laddoos called Sunnundalu, prepared with dehusked black gram dal. My aunt makes excellent sunnundalu, everytime i go to Hyderabad she never fails to prepare this laddoos and pack them specially for me. My today's post goes to a dal based sweet, but my version is with yellow moong dal and rice flakes.

Moongdal & Rice flakes Laddoo

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cheese & Black Beans Quesadillas

Quesadillas, is a sandwich like flour tortillas or corn tortillas filled with any savoury mixture having cheese, vegetables etc, later they are cooked in a hot griddle and folded in half to form a half moon shaped sandwich.Quesadillas have been adapted to many different styles. In the United States, many restaurants serve them as appetizers, after adding their own twist.Some variations are: goat cheese, black beans, spinach, zucchini, or tofu. A Scandinavian treat uses a lefse (thin potato pancake resembling a tortilla) containing brie cheese and lingonberry jam. Even dessert quesadillas are made, using ingredients such as chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, and different fruits.We are great fans of quesadillas. Whenever we go to Mexican restaurant, we never forget to order quesadillas. We love it that much.

Cheese & Blackbeans Quesadillas