Priya's Versatile Recipes

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Soya Kheema & Cashew Nut Balls/Minced Soya Cashew Nut Balls

Soya kheema cashew nut fritters or soya kheema cashew nut balls, these crispy outer and soft inside balls are dangerously addictive. These balls goes for easy ingredients and very simple to do. This vegetarian soya nuggets balls makes an excellent starter or appetizer when served along with sweet chilly sauce or simply with ketchup.This kola urundai aka crispy balls is a very interesting way to include soya nuggets in our diet.Usually i make these balls with vegetables but this time i opted for soya nuggets and cashew nuts. Both works awesome in these fritters, not to forget that you can serve this balls as side dish with one pot meal like pulao or biriyani.

Soya Kheema &Cashew Nut Balls

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cashew Nut Kheer/Khaju Kheer/Kaju Kheer

Cashew nut kheer is a very rich, creamy and tremendously nutty kheer one can prepare easily to surprise everyone at home. We usually make Badam/Almond kheer, vermicelli kheer,sago kheer etc, but trust me this cashew nut kheer will definitely beat all those kheers. A grounded cashew nut paste is the main ingredient for making this lipsmacking kheer, slowly cooked in whole milk with sugar and saffron gives this alluring,super rich khaju kheer. A fabulous kheer to give a try especially during festival times or else simply to serve after a feast. However this rich kheer makes an excellent summer drink too. When served chilled, one can drink a gallon of this cashew kheer without any guilt. Give a try to this different kheer and please everyone at home.

Cashew nut kheer, Khaju kheer

Friday, July 24, 2015

Vegan Cashew Raw Mango Rice/ Munthiri Maanga Saadham

We make two version of mango rice, one version is to mix the cooked rice with grated raw mango and the another version is cooked rice mixed along with raw mango paste and then seasoned. Obviously for the second version,the seasoning plays an important role while in the first version, the grated raw mango itself plays a fabulous role. Tangy raw mango will works out wonder for making this mango rice. I usually add the peanuts in the tempering and the addition of peanuts gives a fabulous taste to this rice but this time, i couldnt resist to add some cashew nuts while tempering. These crunchy nuts gives an incredible texture to this tangy mango rice.This raw mango cashew rice is cooked with grated raw mango, obviously the tanginess for this rice comes from the raw mango and there is no need to add lemon juice in this rice.

Cashew mango rice

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Red Rice Flakes Chivda/Sivappu Aval Mixture/Red Poha Chivda

Its been a while i bought some thick red rice flakes for making upma with it, but none at home want to have upma hence a packet of red rice flakes was sitting in my pantry. Eventhough the expiry date is not near by, i couldnt resist to give a try to this simple,quick and very addictive crispy munchies. A prefect evening snacks to munch with a cup of tea or coffee, if you make this quick mixture you cant stop munching these deep fried beauties. I didnt add anything apart from peanuts and cashewnuts to bring the nuttiness to this simple chivda aka mixture. If you want to add more than the nuts just go on. Since i dont want to spend more hours in my kitchen, i just dished out this simple chivda.

Red rice flakes chivda, sivappu aval mixture