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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cookies & Strawberries Trifle

Trifle is a layered dessert and you can make them easily with a layer of cake,followed by fruits and custard. But today's version is completely different one from the usual one, actually when my younger one asked me for a trifle i quickly whipped out this simple trifle with some chocolate cookies, chopped strawberries and whipped cream, trust me even i was surprised when i had this trifle as dessert after my lunch. A quick, simple and definitely an easy breezy dessert you can just prepare within few seconds if you have whipped cream at home, else just simply go for a custard sauce.I used strawberries, if you dont get or else if its not strawberry season just go with your favourite fruit.

Cookies and strawberries trifle,cookies strawberries trifle

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ragi Chocolate Shake

I seriously want to clear few of my drafts since a long, finally today i got a chance to post one among those drafted posts. This ragi chocolate shake goes for an excellent and easy breezy preparation, actually i prepared this shake from one of my favourite blog to celebrate that blog's anniversary. Trust  me, none will notice the addition of ragi here as chocolate syrup and chocolate ice cream will mask completely the addition of cooked ragi porridge very well. Obviously this shake is one of the excellent and very best way to sneak as ragi porridge is the most hated whole grain porridge by the kids.I tried many versions of porridge to feed my kids especially with ragi or finger millet, everytime either they will have just two or three tablespoons or else i have to beg them to finish their bowl of porridge. But when i served this shake, my younger one just finished his whole glass within few seconds. Obviously i was shocked and surprised when i saw his glas was completely empty.

Ragi chocolate shake

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coconut Pulao/White Pulao

Am a person who love to dish out easy breezy dishes whenever am in hurry or lazy to cook. If you go through my space, you can definitely see varieties of one pot meals and many more easy dishes which gets ready in less than 15-20minutes. Actually i love to spend most my leisure time in my kitchen but i dont take too much of my time to cook, sometimes i make cook three or four dishes simultaneously as i dont have much time to spend in my kitchen or in cooking during my week days. For the past 5months, am cooking like a mad during weekends as i want to prepare few dishes just to keep my space alive before the weekend gets finished. Obviously i go for quick and easy one pot meals for our lunch. One among those quick one pot meal is this coconut pulao or white pulao. This dish is my young one's favourite, trust me this dish is very quick to make and gets ready easily in pressure cooker.

coconut pulao

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Buttery Orange Flavoured Sweet Naan

You might have heard about the famous Kashmiri naan stuffed with dry fruits but my today's recipe goes for orange flavoured sweet naan. I dished out this orange flavoured sweet naan as i got orange and butter as my secret ingredients for this month's  Shhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge an interesting event started by me and my partner of this month is Shailaja of Sahasra Recipes. Every month i combine  a pair with the members of the group, later they exchange two secret ingredients between them and they will come up with their dishes prepared either with one or else with both their secret ingredients.

We are having fun in guessing other's secret ingredients through the pictures each of us have been sharing in our FB group. Making a delicious dish out of the secret ingredients is definitely a challenging task and am very happy to say that the members of this group just rocks.

Orange flavoured sweet naan