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Friday, September 19, 2014

Drumstick Leaves, Brown Rice & Dal Bhath

We are having a nasty hot weather, i dont felt like cooking for hours in kitchen as the climate is super humid.I cant live without my pressure cookers,they makes really our lives easier and anything cooked with them goes hardly for less time when compared with the dishes cooked in pans or in kadais.Obviously i opted for a hearty and healthy one pot meal with mixed dals,brown rice and drumstick leaves for our yesterday's lunch. This dish will definitely goes for quick cooking and you can enjoy this food anytime of the day served simply with papads, potato chips or else pickles.I used organic Brown sona masoori rice with toor dal,masoor dal and moong dal along with fresh drumstick leaves. You can also add veggies in this healthy food or else any other greens as you prefer.

Drumstick Leaves,Brown Rice & Dal Bhath, Brown rice Dal Baath

Motabel/Qatari Eggplant Dip ~~ Qatari Cuisine

Q, this alphabetical letter dont have many options when its comes to a country's name. For this month's long blogging marathon, we marathoners are running Around the world in 30days as theme starting with alphabets. After the alphabet 'P', today we are landing to Qatar, this country and its cuisine is not that much familiar for me,i just travelled twice in Qatar airways  and have seen their airport. Apart from it, this Country is quite unknown for me,but for my surprise their foods are very much known as the most important influence on Qatar's food came with the arrival of other Arab people as Levantine (also known as Lebanese) cuisine arrived. This brought hummus, tabbouleh, and spices that are now common in Qatar and throughout much of the Middle East.The region also changed its food due to the influence from others who came and went with the trade moving to and from the Persian Gulf. The Persians, Indians, and even the Europeans arrived with new ingredients and ideas that changed the cuisine. This led to the greater prevalence of rice in the dishes and again new spices and ingredients arrived in greater numbers.

In the modern age foods from abroad have been introduced to Qatar, but none have truly changed the traditional foods. Most traditional dishes remain the same, but ethnic foods are now more common and available, including Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Italian, and American foods. These foods are growing in popularity partially due to the fact that people from these countries live and work in Qatar and partially due to the fact that the locals also enjoy these foreign foods on occasion.

Motabel,Qatari Eggplant Dip,Vegan Eggplant dip

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bolo Lêvedo / Portuguese Sweet Muffins ~~ Portuguese Cuisine

After Omani cuisine, am taking you all to Portuguese cuisine for this month's long blogging marathon. As you know, am running Around the world in 30days with alphabets as theme. After O, today we are landing towards to Portuguese cuisine for the letter 'P'.Portuguese cuisine is born from the earth. It is hearty peasant fare full of strong flavours, many charting the culinary history of the country. For instance, the famous dried salt cod or bacalhau changed the course of Portuguese history. When it was discovered that the beautiful white fish caught in the cold Scandinavian waters could be dried and kept for long periods, sailors were able to go on long voyages of discovery to new lands, which then opened up trade routes.Paprika, bay leaves, garlic and wine feature largely in many dishes, olive oil is adored and used to cook both cook food and finish off dishes. Pork is a favourite meat and is used in the famous chourico sausage, which is smoked over wood with heavy aromas of garlic and paprika. Spices in general are popular including piri piri (small fiery chilli peppers), black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, and saffron. Herbs are also widely used, particularly coriander and parsley.Desserts rely heavily on eggs like crème caramel, rice pudding and the famous custard tarts or pasteis de nata. A selection of cheeses may also be served, with the most common varieties being made from sheep or goat’s milk.

Portuguese Sweet Muffins, Bolo Lêvedo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baquorah/Omani Gramflour Fritters ~~ Omani Cuisine

Amazing landscapes, scenic beaches, inspiring deserts, picturesque fields and cascading waterfalls fallen makes Oman as a country that is truly beautiful. Obviously  its cuisine is definitely very flavourful and delicious.Well known  rice with chicken or beef, marinated with special spices, like ‘qabuli with lamb meat’ or lamb biryani, djaj foug el eish are famous Omani dishes.Succulent dishes includes chicken with homos and vegetables, makboos chicken muscat style, chicken qabuli al battena style and chicken arssiya are also known for their flavours and their unique tastes.An Omani table will never be complete without seafood to create a spread that is truly rich in taste and nutrition. Fresh fish, shrimp and the very finest bounties of the sea are prepared to delightful perfection. What makes Omani cuisine deliciously distinctive is the way it borrows Asian tastes and flavors and incorporates them into typical Omani dishes to make it appealing and appetizing to every palate.Yes you can see Indian touch in most of the Omani dishes. Their dishes are definitely healthy balance of vegetables, meat and rice, infused with the mouth-watering aromas, delicious tastes and appealing presentation make it a cuisine that is unmatched in flavor and nutrition. Truly, the people of Oman and their guests are favored with food.

Baquorah, Omani Gramflour fritters