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Monday, May 18, 2015

Homemade Spiced Date Syrup

Date syrup, actually i make it often whenever i feel like feeding my kids with this healthy fruits, unfortunately everytime i make either i feel lazy to click and post here or else they will get vanished very much quickly even before i feel like writing a post. But this time, i couldnt stop myself clicking few clicks as i want to post my style of date syrup without any fail as am running blogging marathon with Homemade Product - make at home as this week's theme. After making an easy breezy yellow cake mix, my today's post goes to this healthy homemade date syrup,nothing can beat this homemade syrup eventhough a famous Indian brand do exists.I like mine and this syrup is quite easy to make at home.

Homemade Spiced Date Syrup

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fruits & Nuts Mango Cake with Homemade Yellow Cake mix

Its been a while i posted fruits loaded cake, especially with mango. Since i want to finish some leftover mango pulp, i baked this beautiful cake with loads of fruits and nuts. Actually am running this week's blogging marathon with an interesting theme 'Readymade Produce - make at home'. Earlier, actually before blogging, i will always go for store bought cake mix, as they were quite easy to whisk and bake the cake.Then later, once i came to know more about baking cakes at home, i have completely dropped buying those ready-made products even though they are easily available.. Its always good to make cake mix at home by ourselves rite, we know what we have put in our cake batter, hence we can feed our family easily with our own bakes.

Fruits & Nuts mango cake

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chaapat/Chapat/Parsi Crepes

Parsi crepes aka chapat is a tea time snacks especially during sunday afternoon. This crepes are quite famous in Parsi cuisine, chapat makes an excellent breakfast to the kids. Chapat goes for an easy breezy batter, as much as like French crepes, but this Parsi style crepes goes for nutmeg and cardamom powder. This spice powder gives an extra flavor to this Parsi crepes.Chapat batter spread on pan like a crepe and cooked till done. The chapat is then folded and filled with any fruit jam or jelly before serving. A healthy way to start your day.

Parsi Crepes, Chatpat

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Brown Rice - Parsi Style

Parsi Style Brown rice is one among the traditional rice dish served along with their famous Dhansak,a Parsi gravy. Most of the Parsi's sunday's favourite is this Brown rice and Dhansak and even for few this Brown rice means Special occasions. I crossed many delicious Parsi style brown rice, but however i want to stick with the traditional one, obviously i picked this brown rice from here. I just loved the spice mixture used in this dish and this brown rice is quite easy to make. Obviously i grinded up the spice mixture before starting the cooking process and the spice mixture gives an excellent flavour to this beautiful mildy sweet brown rice.