Friday, February 12, 2016

Thai iced coffee - Kah-Feh yen

When i was searching for a different drink to post under this week's blogging marathon, i got hooked to this interesting, aromatic and very refreshing Thai version of Iced coffee. This iced coffee calls for simple ingredients and cardamom is a must for making this coffee. This iced coffee can be served very well with your favourite meal or else simply to enjoy with your summer brunch or else to serve for a summer breakfast, you have so many options to have and enjoy this drink thoroughly. Though several versions exists, this beverage goes for coffee, spices, sugar, milk or heavy cream (half and half) or else condensed milk. Trust me, this iced coffee is an excellent beverage to enjoy thoroughly while its too hot outside.

Thai Iced Coffee, Kah Feh yen - Thai Iced Coffee

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mocha Cappuccino

We all know that a Cappuccino is an Italian drink prepared usually with espresso, hot milk and with milk foam. Though cream is usually used in this drink its often topped with cinnamon powder. Cappuccino is usually prepared with an espresso machine, but if you want to make it at home without any specific gadgets like espresso machine you can still make this fabulous drink. Cappuccino is traditionally served as a small serving with thick layer of foam, obviously if you are a coffee lover its better to make your own dose of cappuccino at home with less efforts.

mocha cappuccino, Cappuccino with chocolate

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Iced Coffee Float

If you are searching for a prefect summer breakfast drink or a drink for a lazy sunday summer brunch, just check this beautiful iced coffee float. Yes this drink asks for just three ingredients, yea coffee powder, water and vanilla icecream. With these simple ingredients you can make this ultimate drink with less efforts. This iced coffee float is one of my favourite drink, its been a while i had it at starbuck's coffee and finally i simply whisked out at home to enjoy this ultimate drink. You doesnt need any gadgets to make this refreshing coffee drink. Though i used store bought vanilla icecream, if you have homemade icecream dont forget to make this fabulous coffee float.

Iced Coffee Float, Icecream Coffee

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Heart Shaped Brioche - Valentine's Day Special Bread

If you are looking for a Special bread for Valentine's day, dont forget to take a look at this brioche bread. This bread is quite easy to shape and trust me you can shape them quickly without any difficult. Actually i have been looking for heart shaped bread and i got this pattern from Pinterest. Its a Japanese site and thank god, the author shared some stepwise pictures for making this heart shaped brioche.This brioche dough asks for chocolate bread dough and usual brioche dough. Instead of using unsweetened cocoa powder, i used nutella spread to make the chocolate brioche dough. Obviously we doesnt need any spread to have this brioche, though my kids enjoyed thoroughly with nutella again.

Heart shaped brioche, Marble heart shaped brioche